Open Play Rules

Open play basketball gives players and prospective player an opportunity to get in shape before the season starts, or to stay in shape between seasons. Its also a great way to socialize with current and new players within the SDGBA family.

*WHEN: Sundays starting April 3rd, 2016 10am -12pm

*WHERE: Golden Hills Recreation Center 

2600 Golf Course Dr, San Diego, CA 92102

*WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: EVERYONE is welcome to participate, whether your Gay, Straight, Bi, or Transgender, you are welcome. The level of competition varies from "highly competitive" to "just for fun". Whatever your skill level, there's a place for you.

*WHAT TO BRING: A light and dark shirt or reversible jersey.

*COST: A mandatory $5 donation which helps offset the cost of the gym, league, tournaments we may attend, as well as SDGBA events and parties.

*OPEN GYM COORDINATOR: There will be an SDGBA member designated to facilitate all open gym dates. In order to be placed onto the play rotation, make sure to check in with this person at the scorers table. They will collect the $5 and place you into the rotation.

  • Rules will be posted at the scorers table. Please take time to review them prior to checking in.
  • SDGBA asks that all players treat the staff as well as each other with the utmost respect at all times.


See you at Open Gym




Open Play Rules